The Drive

Channel Interface

Upon plugging in the Alive Drive, an intuitive graphic interface appears consisting of a top, middle and bottom section that guides the Alive Drive experience. The top remains static, while the middle and bottom sections visually change depending on whether the user is online or offline.

How the interface is segmented:

is always visible and features custom-designed artwork and the main control tabs to access content, files on the device or outside URLs.

features banner areas for sponsors, advertisers or charity organizations. Banner space can be animated or combined as well.

features multimedia players and interactive streaming panels that display audio, visual and written content.

When the user is online, the bottom panel displays either the pre-loaded content, the streamed content (from our secure servers) or the delivered content downloaded by the user. When the user is offline, the Alive Drive automatically displays the file content contained on the drive.

This new album project has been incredibly successful and we are very grateful that Jimmy has such a passion for music and a really solid understanding of technology that allow us to present it to his audience on the newest format available.

W Costello
Managing Director, Liberation

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