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The Alive Drive | Keeping Communities Connected

The Alive Drive is a customized, portable operating system that is embedded on branded USB flash memory devices, such as slimline "loyalty" cards, wristbands and jewelry.

Pre-loaded with music, audio and visual content, the Alive Drive is distributed to fans through the host's own distribution channels, i.e. live events, retail outlets, e-stores or sponsors. As new content is produced, it gets pushed to the fans via the drive.


To access the exclusive updates, users simply plug their Alive Drive device into any PC / MAC computer that is connected to the Internet.

The content is experienced through embedded flash players as a private stream. The artist / host determines whether the content can also be downloaded for users to add to their own personal library or share with others.

Alive Drive is the perfect vehicle to create brand awareness, cut through online clutter and nurture fan loyalty.

Finally a creative and legitimate solution to digital music and file sharing. Alive Drive makes sense and promotes the legal downloading and streaming of music fully in the artists control. For real fans of music…Alive Drive is the answer.

B Skyes

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