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The Alive Drive operating system is embedded onto a flash memory device of your choice and customized with your company's logo. Alive Drive's unique USB SlapDrive wristband design allows a number of multipurpose uses such as contactless access, closed loop affinity programs and physical ticketing solutions , .

Recommended storage

The recommended hardware storage is 1 - 2 GB. Although smaller and larger sizes are available, one of the benefits of the Alive Drive is that material and content do not have to physically live on the drive.

Durability & Warranty

All Alive Drive flash memory product is made exclusively with the highest quality Samsung / Hynix USB 2.0 tier 1 chips with a lifetime warranty against defects. Samsung is the memory chip, while Hynix is the chip that controls the drive's functions. Both are recognized worldwide as top leaders in chip design and quality.

In Addition

  • Minimum data retention - 10 years / 100,000 read-write cycle (this number can be as low as 25,000 for cheaper units that use low-end components).
  • All Alive Drive hardware is RoHS compliant.

Contact Us

An Alive Drive representative would be happy to present the latest catalogue of hardware and discuss the best options for your project. Please visit "Hardware Samples" for some ideas.

Finally a creative and legitimate solution to digital music and file sharing. Alive Drive makes sense and promotes the legal downloading and streaming of music fully in the artists control. For real fans of music…Alive Drive is the answer.

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