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Ongoing Updates = Sustainable Choice

imageAlive Drive is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional media distribution. Many promotional items, including CDs and certain USB products, are used for one-time promotions and then discarded. This contributes greatly to unnecessary landfill.

Alive Drive features an updateable operating system and interface that allow the embedded flash memory device to be reused again and again. Interactive technology allows audio, visual and written content to be delivered dynamically to your Alive Drive community on an ongoing basis. The Alive Drive is simply plugged in to any online computer and new updates are automatically delivered to the device.

The internal graphics can also be redesigned at any time allowing endless opportunities to rebrand the inside of your community’s Alive Drives to suit different campaigns or promotions throughout the year.

Companies worldwide are seeking more sustainable ways to do business. Alive Drive only partners with hardware manufacturers that use globally-conscious materials and adhere to social and environmental responsibility.

Lessen your company’s carbon footprint with Alive Drive.

Finally a creative and legitimate solution to digital music and file sharing. Alive Drive makes sense and promotes the legal downloading and streaming of music fully in the artists control. For real fans of music…Alive Drive is the answer.

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