Features and Benefits

Interactive Technology

Keep Your Community Engaged

imageAlive Drive's interactive technology allows you to communicate back and forth with your Alive Drive community.

Upon intitial log-in, users fill in a simple one-time registration form which creates an interactive bridge between the host and end user.

The form can be customized to help you build powerful profiles and nurture customer loyalty.

Reaching out beyond standard email offers a personal way to keep Alive Drive users engaged and offers countless opportunities in how the device is experienced.

Interactive Surveys

Request your community's opinion. Deliver different versions of enhanced media such as songs, pictures or artwork and invite feedback. Send polls and surveys. Involve your community in your decision-making.

Interactive Campaigns

Create campaigns whereby Alive Drive users are encouraged to plug in regularly to receive the latest exclusive content. Generate buzz and excitement for new campaigns by sending teasers through the Alive Drive.

Interactive Panels

Communicate with your fans and consumers in real time through interactive blog and chat windows.

Finally a creative and legitimate solution to digital music and file sharing. Alive Drive makes sense and promotes the legal downloading and streaming of music fully in the artists control. For real fans of music…Alive Drive is the answer.

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