Features and Benefits


Build Powerful Customer Profiles

Each Alive Drive device and operating system are marked with individual serial numbers that identify the user upon plug-in.

Vitals and user activity are stored on a secured server for you to access statistics and generate reports.


Customized registration form

On initial design, you have the option to customize the registration form that will tailor the data for your particular community.

Tracking Reports

Generate tracking reports on the frequency of use, most popular links launched from the drive, website click-through activity, etc.

Target Marketing

Target market based on demographic and geographic reports. This is particularly useful for pre-ticket sales or promoting events in specific regions.

Interactive Surveys

Distribute polls, surveys and questionnaires and receive direct feedback. Through the Alive Drive's interactive technology, the users are not required to fill out their contact info for each request.

Alive Drive opens up a world of opportunities to both recording artists and record labels with the need for clever merchandising to keep fans engaged.

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