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A Unique Distribution Method

The Alive Drive can be used as a promotional item as well as for distribution.

  • Create contests and develop direct marketing campaigns
  • Attract sponsorship support with the banner ads
  • Create interactive contests in conjunction with sponsors based on geographic data given during the initial registration process.
  • Distribute promotional trailers or even entire films on Alive Drive through alternative distibution channels to generate word of mouth.
  • Include pre-loaded promotional content such as character / actor features, music, videos and photo galleries.
  • Continue to send ongoing updates to Alive Drive users such as the latest interviews, articles and special merchandise offers (with direct links to e-store). They simply plug in to an online computer to receive the material in the form of a stream or digital file.

This new album project has been incredibly successful and we are very grateful that Jimmy has such a passion for music and a really solid understanding of technology that allow us to present it to his audience on the newest format available.

W Costello
Managing Director, Liberation

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