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A Unique Distribution Method

The Alive Drive can be used as a promotional item as well as for distribution.

  • Create contests and develop direct marketing campaigns
  • Attract sponsorship support with the banner ads
  • Create interactive contests in conjunction with sponsors based on geographic data given during the initial registration process.
  • Distribute promotional trailers or even entire films on Alive Drive through alternative distibution channels to generate word of mouth.
  • Include pre-loaded promotional content such as character / actor features, music, videos and photo galleries.
  • Continue to send ongoing updates to Alive Drive users such as the latest interviews, articles and special merchandise offers (with direct links to e-store). They simply plug in to an online computer to receive the material in the form of a stream or digital file.

Finally a creative and legitimate solution to digital music and file sharing. Alive Drive makes sense and promotes the legal downloading and streaming of music fully in the artists control. For real fans of music…Alive Drive is the answer.

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