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Nurture the Band to Fan Relationship


Technology is changing the “traditional” music industry, but one aspect remains as strong as ever: Music lovers of all ages want to feel a close connection to their favorite artists.

Alive Drive offers numerous ways to nurture the band-to-fan relationship. Custom-design an Alive Drive for your fan base, pre-loaded with audio, visual and written content. Once you distribute the device to your community, continue the connection as long as you wish by delivering ongoing updates straight to their devices.

Upon initial log-in, a one-time registration form is filled out for you to build customer profiles and contact lists of your Alive Drive group. Fans simply plug their Alive Drive in to their online PC / MAC computer to receive the secure streams and digital files. The files can be kept on the Alive Drive or transferred to the computer hard drive, CD or favorite digital media player.

Music Promotion

Give fans tons of value for their music purchases! Alive Drive keeps you connected to your fans long after the initial purchase. Pre-load the Alive Drive with a full album or tons of material and distribute online, on tour or through retail. Include liner notes, artwork and include tons of bonus material. Encourage file sharing if you wish. YOU choose whether or not to place DRM on the content or not.

Live Recordings

Use the Alive Drive to distribute live concert recordings immediately following the event. This eliminates the need for on-site duplication and lengthy line-ups since the recording is remotely delivered. This allows you to sell the device well in advance of the concert right through to the end.

Concerts & Touring

Include an Alive Drive: Tour Edition. Bundle up with tons of cool content and then send ongoing exclusive material from the road such as backstage footage, interviews on the road, live concert tracks, concert videos and photos. Fans can follow you on tour...virtually!

Fan Interaction

Alive Drive’s interactive technology allows back-and-forth communication with your community, perfect for your biggest followers. Include the Alive Drive with fan club memberships, pre-loaded with rare material and then follow up with updates.

Target Marketing

Generate demographic and geographic lists and promote pre-sell opportunities or upcoming tours in applicable regions. Direct marketing at work for you!

Attach a Brand

Alive Drive’s marquee banner space allows you to acknowledge corporate sponsors, to raise funds and awareness for charity and to create extra streams of advertising revenue -- a great way to offset touring costs. The graphic interface can be remotely updated to incorporate fresh look and new banner ads for different campaigns.

Promotion & Media Kit

Pre-load the Alive Drive with promotional material and distribute to your industry and media contacts. Follow up by sending new content straight to their drives. Simply email and ask them to plug in for updates! A very powerful device for distributing music demos or campaigns involving multiple markets.

When Alive Drive contacted me about utilizing the new format I thought the idea was perfect. It allows me to include my new album plus unique archived audio and video content and the live concert to round it off.

J Barnes,
Australian artist

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